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About Us

alt In the world of elegant jewelry, white pearls are both beautiful and highly valued. In many ways, they represent good service and quality.But black pearls, those are something extra special. They are exceptionally rare and represent a level of service that goes above and beyond and leaves a lasting impression.

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Travel Journal

Charms of a Southern African Adventure

I dreamed of going on a safari since I was a youngster reading National Geographic. I was more enamored by the idea of seeing elephants, cheetahs, lions and hippos in their natural environment than I was seeing movies or rock stars. No zoos for me. I wanted to see them up close and personal.When I decided on travel as a career, I knew that would be my ultimate trip. After working as a travel expert for a few years, I planned my own trip to South Africa with the help of a wonderful South African vacation supplier. It was everything I had ever dreamed of. And after going I decided I would try to sell as many people as I could on the wonders of traveling to Southern Africa.

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